Stax Music Academy offering online lessons and other support during temporary COVID-19 coronavirus closure

Our Vision: Stax Music Academy exists to nurture and present the next generation of great Soul Communicators from the greater Soulsville region, holistically equipping them to excel and to impact the world through the universal language of music.

In light of the current state the world and our community is in, we believe that vision even more. Music has and always will be a universal language that heals you – from performing it to listening it and especially studying and learning it. We want you to know that we continue to provide services to our young people to provide growth and relief through music and community.

We are committed to giving our students materials to continue their growth as musicians even from their own home. To help make that possible, we are now  holding online classes and practices. 

On Monday, March 23rd, we began conducting online music theory classes and group instruction classes. Music theory is our way of best equipping music students to with the tools they need to be competitive when applying and auditioning for music scholarships in college and other schools of higher learning. We are conducting these classes using Google Hangouts, Goggle Classroom, and Zoom, as well utilizing the Pulse curriculum offered by our partner, Boston’s Berklee College of Music.  

We also began ensemble practices and rehearsals this week using those same online tools.

Next week we will launch online classes on practice habits for different instruments. Aptly titled, the Soul Practice Chops Series will start with trumpet. These videos are created for any student in the Mid-South who want to keep pursuing music. Video links will be provided on our social media channels and website when the classes are launched.

We have launched a songwriting contest to further encourage students to create original music and the winners of the weekly contests will he announced every Monday evening on our social media channels.

Auditions for our June 2020 Summer Music Experience and for 2020-2021 school-year After School Program are taking place online and students may apply and get further information by emailing

In addition to all of this vital online music instruction and participation, we are also making our normal mental health counseling (previously onsite at SMA every day) available online for students who need or want this service.


While we are aware of the financial stress that is sweeping across the globe, we too are feeling that stress. It may seem like an odd time to make this point, but music and music education might be more important now than ever as we’re confined to our homes and inundated with news of this crippling health crisis. Music has always been one of the few things that have brought people together in uncertain times. Look at the people in coronavirus-devasted Italy singing from their balconies. We hear regularly from our students that no matter what else might be going on their lives, when they are making music, nothing else matters so much. It is their lifeline.

We know that times are hard for everyone right now and there are many virus-related causes that are worthy of support. However, if you agree with us that music can play a vital role in dealing with the current circumstances, and if you are financially able, we ask that you consider donating to the Stax Music Academy to help keep us at the forefront of doing what we do best. No donation is too small when investing in the future of our young people.


Music education must continue because music must continue.