Our Impact

“(Stax) provided my child with confidence, that she did not have with using her gift/talent before, she also learn a valuable life lessons.”

“My son learned not give up on himself. He is more confident in himself as a musician and as a leader. He found a way to be proud of himself.”

“The level of professionals that shared their expertise in different areas in music and the business of music was an eye opener for our daughter. Thanks a bunch!”

“I enjoyed the classes as well as the red carpet affair. I especially love that Stax exposes my child to history. Children need to know from whence we have come so that they use our past as an opportunity to grow.”

“There were many plus points to my son participating. With us being out of the state it was certainly a blessing finding a host family that was a perfect fit. Kendric learned a lot about the music industry and was able to put some of his fears aside. Having Mr. Whalum was a bonus. You guys provide a great service to students who’s wish is to be professional artists. Thanks for all you do!!!”

“SMA helped me grow in myriad ways. First, it broadened my horizons as a musician. When people think of the flute, they automatically think classical music. Don’t get me wrong, I love classical music. I was just looking for something more. Stax showed me that people have been playing the flute in funk and soul music for years and in some cases (think “Theme from Shaft”) it was essential to the song! I was able to step outside my comfort zone and play in different styles and genres. That resulted in me stepping out of my comfort zone as a person as well.”  –Mikaela Allen, Artist Support Specialist, TuneCore, New York City