Tuition & Scholarships

SNAP! After School Program (Sept – May): $1,000 yearly 

SNAP! Summer Music Experience (May – June): $500 

Need-Based Scholarships:  If student is accepted and your family wants to apply for the need-based scholarship, you may apply using the same online enrollment form used to register your child for the program and submit new income verification.  

  • If you are applying for the NEED-BASED Financial Assistance SOUL CHILDREN Scholarship, there is section of the online enrollment to apply.  However; you will need to submit copies of your PROOF OF INCOME by faxing it to the attention of Mary Robinson or dropping it off at Stax in a sealed envelope

Merit-Based Scholarships:   Stax provides students with the opportunity to apply for a merit-based competitive scholarship.  Students apply by submitting and essay according to a set criteria/guideline.  Applying is optional. Prospective students can also submit an essay before they are accepted into the program.  If accepted and the student has a winning essay, the scholarship will be applied toward your tuition. Funds are limited.  Not every student will be awarded.  

For more information about scholarships please contact Melody Barham or Bria Brown. gro.y1561001577medac1561001577acisu1561001577mxats1561001577@mahr1561001577ab.yd1561001577olem1561001577, gro.y1561001577medac1561001577acisu1561001577mxats1561001577@nwor1561001577b.air1561001577b1561001577.