Tuition & Scholarships

After School Program (August- May): $1,250 yearly 

Summer Music Experience (June): $750 


Stax Music Academy provides quality music instruction to area youth regardless of their ability to pay.

Need-Based Discounts:  If student is accepted and your family wants to apply for the need-based discount, you may apply using the same online enrollment form used to register your child for the program and submit new income verification.  

  • If you are applying for the NEED-BASED Financial Assistance SOUL CHILDREN discount, there is section of the online enrollment to apply.  However; you will need to submit copies of your PROOF OF INCOME by faxing it to the attention of Mary Robinson or dropping it off at Stax in a sealed envelope

Merit-Based Scholarships:   Stax provides students with the opportunity to apply for a merit-based competitive scholarship.  Students apply by submitting and essay according to a set criteria/guideline.  Applying is optional. Prospective students can also submit an essay before they are accepted into the program.  If accepted and the student has a winning essay, the scholarship will be applied toward your tuition. Funds are limited.  Not every student will be awarded.  

For more information about scholarships, please email SMA Programming at